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How To Enhance Your Play With LoL Pro Builds in League of Legends

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Want to enhance your League of Legends gameplay? Then you need to jump into our LoL Pro Builds guide!

League of Legends is a major MOBA game with a big eSports scene, with over 2.3 million players to date. If you aspire to become an LoL professional, you must always look for ways to improve. This means having the best performance regardless of your chosen role.

Start your League of Legends improvement now.

To help, you must try out some of these LoL probuilds. These will help improve your efforts in polishing your play style. Read on and find out more:

1. Tank LoL Pro Builds

League of Legends recently made some adjustments to bust tanks in-game once again. If you build a tank, your primary rune option is the Resolve tree. It’s because of its runes that synergize well with your role.

Does your chosen champion have hard crowd control? If so, get Aftershock to gain its defensive bonuses. This makes you almost unkillable within the first few seconds of a gank or team fight.

As for your secondary tree, pick Inspiration. It’s because it gives you a free pair of Boots of Speed as well as Item Haste and Summoner Spell Haste. If you wish to get more Tenacity, pick the Precision tree instead.

Item Choices

The reworked items related to the tank role make them busted. This means building two of these items will allow you to become a threat. Your core item is Sunfire Aegis since it helps farming while contributing to team fight damage.

Take note, the ramp-up effect of Sunfire Aegis is astounding. The damage alone could go a long way toward taking down squishier opponents. Here are some other items you must look out for:

1. Thornmail

League offers a lot of healing effects. That’s why you must never leave the base without some form of healing reduction. The good news is that Thornmail has a cheap build path, making it a great item after finishing Sunfire Aegis.

2. Mercury’s Treads

With lots of crowd control effects around, you must use these boots. They offer both tenacity and magic resistance. Against a full-AD team, build Plated Steel caps instead.

3. Frozen Heart

This item helps solve mana issues. However, its main draw is shutting down attack speed-based champions. It’s because of its attack-speed debuff against nearby enemies.

2. Bruiser LoL Pro Builds

Most bruisers prioritize using the Precision tree as its primary rune. It’s because it allows you to use Conqueror, one of the strongest in-game runes. You also get Legend: Tenacity helps you suffer less from crowd control effects.

Your secondary rune must be Resolve. That way, you get Bone Plating and Overgrowth. The former allows you to survive better during a gank while the latter helps you later in the game.

Item Choices

New Mythic items are great for bruiser builds because of the variety of build paths. Either invest in Trinity Force or Gore Drinker. The latter gives you an active that works like Darius’s Q, making it harder to go down.

If you want more information about Mythic items, check out our guide. Here are also other items you must use:

1. Ravenous Hydra

This item received a slight rework, but the passive cleave helps shove waves. Its stats are useful, meaning you must continue getting it like before.

2. Death’s Dance

Its slight rework made it lose its magic resistance bonuses. However, the other stats remain the same. This makes it a great pick up regardless.

3. Chempunk Chainsword

This item helps reduce healing effects like Thornmail. However, it works to help you maximize your bruiser build.

3. AD Ranged LoL Pro Builds

These builds benefit a lot from using the Precision tree as their primary rune. This gives them Press the Attack to increase early-game burst damage. Couple it with Legend: Alacrity and Cut Down for more attack speed and damage against tanks.

The secondary tree is a matter of playstyle choice. However, Nimbus Cloak is a great option because of its movement speed burst. This gives you more means of escaping lost fights after casting Flash.

Item Choices

Your core Mythic item is Kraken Slayer. It’s because of its true-damage on-hit effect after attacking three times. This item’s build path is cheap, making it a great choice for rushing.

Here are other items you must build:

1. Blade of the Ruined King

This item got a rework, losing its active ability. Instead, you get it as a passive effect with a shorter cooldown. This makes you a great threat every 20 seconds.

2. Berserker’s Greaves

AD ranged champions benefit from both its attack and movement speed bonuses. You can rush this early in the game.

3. Stormrazor

This item remains almost the same. The slow effect given by this item helps to chase or kite enemies. It’s an important lifeline when you aim to survive both solo and team fights.

4. AP LoL Pro Builds

AP champions should pick Domination as their primary rune tree. Since they tend to spam more skills, they’re likely to stack more Dark Harvests throughout the game.

After that, get Sorcery to solve mana issues and gain more Ability Power with Manaflow Band and Gathering Storm.

Item Sets

Invest in Luden’s Tempest because of how busted it is. This allows you to deal more damage and clear more waves. Here are other items:

1. Sorcerer’s Shoes

This item gives Magic Penetration, allowing you to rip through resistances. It’s a good item to rush early in the game.

2. Morellonomicon

This item reduces healing effects while giving Ability Power and Magic Penetration. It’s an important effect given the amount of healing in League.

3. Rabadon’s Deathcap

This item boosts your Ability Power even more. Before long, you’ll kill champions using a skill combo.

Try These LoL Pro Builds Today!

Use these LoL Probuilds to help you ascend the player rankings. It’s because these are great choices to get the best LoL performance. It matters not whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran.

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