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WoW Blacksmithing Guide: Make Gold in WoW Shadowlands!

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Welcome to our complete guide on how to make gold with Blacksmithing in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. This will summarize all the materials, recipes, and leveling paths you’ll want to take for optimizing this profession for gold-farming. We’ll discuss some things that we think you should prioritize over others, as well as give you some additional tips for generating extra money with Blacksmithing.

Making gold in WoW Shadowlands with Blacksmithing shouldn’t be a problem for anyone, including the new players. The profession is very straightforward and doesn’t differ much from the rest of the crafting professions. Sure, it has some recipes that are a bit tricky to create, but if you follow our advice, you’ll have no issues doing that. So, let’s jump into the complete guide on how to make money in WoW Shadowlands with Blacksmithing as your primary profession right now!

WoW Shadowlands Blacksmithing Guide
WoW Blacksmithing – Complete Guide

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Making Gold with our WoW Blacksmithing Guide

Why is Blacksmithing Important in World of Warcraft?

Blacksmithing has been one of the go-to professions for many players since the start of World of Warcraft. Through the years, Blacksmithing has had many powerful bonuses, like buffs and items. And in the past, you could’ve doubled your profit since you could craft strong BoE items for both plate and mail wearers. 

Battle for Azeroth has narrowed its crafting path, though. However, Shadowlands has given Blacksmithing new recipes that are useful to many classes and specs. And thus, this profession is once more on the path for steady gold-making!

Now, the biggest change here was the introduction of the Legendary Items in WoW Shadowlands. This category of items is a part of the game once again. But this time, Legendaries are crafted with professions and not received randomly by raid bosses. In Shadowlands, we have the freedom to choose which Legendary Effect we want for our characters. And every class and spec in the game is almost required to craft one for playing the game at level 60.

The Blacksmithing trainer Found in Oribos, Needed for Making Gold in WoW Shadowlands with Blacksmithing
The Blacksmithing Trainer in Oribos

That said, the Warrior, Paladin, and Death Knight classes (which are pretty powerful and popular in this expansion) all depend on Blacksmithing to craft their Legendary Items. And our intention with this Blacksmithing guide for WoW Shadowlands is to teach you to target this category for gold-farming.

But, know that that’s not all! Blacksmithing can also create sharpening stones and weightstones like [Porous Sharpening Stone] or [Shaded Weighstone]. These are Attack Power buffs that you can use on your weapons which last for 1 hour. They’re essentially free for you if you’re a Blacksmith, but you could also sell them at the Auction House since melee classes are constantly for them.

How to Start with Blacksmithing in WoW Shadowlands?

Shadowlands WoW Blacksmithing Guide Trainer Location in Oribos

To pick up Blacksmithing as your profession, head over to Oribos. The NPC you’re looking for is called Smith Au’Berk. He sits in the middle of the Hall of Shapes part of the city, at the exact spot of 40.5, 31.5. All you’ll need to do is talk to him about learning [Shadowlands Blacksmithing] for a cheap price. And when you’re done, you’ll immediately be able to craft the first recipes of the profession.

While you’re there, you’ll want to check the Blacksmithing and general trade supplies vendor Distributor Au’til. This NPC sells [Blacksmith Hammer]. If you’ve never played the game with Blacksmithing, then know that you must possess this item to craft anything with the profession. It’s the equivalent of [Runed Copper Rod] and Enchanting

And the last preparation you’ll need to do is to stock on [Luminous Flux] and [Orboreal Shard]. Both of these reagents are sold by Distributor Au’til as well. They can be a bit pricey if you’re just starting with gold-making. But, they’re absolutely essential because Luminous Flux is needed for almost all Blacksmithing recipes and Orboreal Shard for all Legendary Items. So, consider it an investment!

The exact location of the Blacksmithing trainer in Oribos is shown in this picture:

The Exact Location of the Blacksmithing Trainer in Oribos Shown on a Map
The Location of the Blacksmithing Trainer in Oribos (40.5, 31.5)

Choosing the Best Classes for Gold-making with Blacksmithing

If you’re stuck with the question about which class is best for gold-making in WoW Shadowlands with Blacksmithing, then consider these reasons.

First of all, know that this profession depends on Mining, much like Leatherowrking depends on Skinning. What does this mean? Well, it means that you’ll have to think about pairing Blacksmithing with Mining on your character. Mining is a gathering profession, so any class or spec that can help you optimize your farming time will be a good choice.

Secondly, the plate wearers that we mentioned above, Warriors, Paladins, and Death Knights, are best suited for Blacksmithing. This is because they massively benefit from the crafted items, even the starting green, and blue BoEs. Not to mention that these classes will shorten their expenses by creating Legendary Items for themselves.

And lastly, if your purpose is to only make gold with Blacksmithing in WoW Shadowlands and nothing else, then any class can do the job!

This guide on how to make gold with Blacksmithing in WoW Shadowlands doesn’t require you to have Mining. But, it’s still a very helpful tool.

The Blacksmithing Vendor Found in Oribos, Needed for Making Gold in WoW Shadowlands with Blacksmithing
The Trade Supplies Vendor in Oribos

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Shadowlands Blacksmithing Materials

As we mentioned above, the materials required for Blacksmithing come primarily from Mining. These are ores and stones gathered by Miners from all four zones of the Shadowlands



Out of these materials, the ones that you should focus on the most are Laestrite Ore and Elethium Ore. Laestrite Ore is needed for all Blacksmithing recipes from start to finish. And Elethium Ore will need to be enchanted into [Enchanted Elethium Bar] which is a material needed for crafting Legendary Items.

Farming the Shadowlands Blacksmithing Materials

We strongly suggest that you pick up Mining alongside Blacksmithing if you want to make the most gold in WoW Shadowlands with this profession. If you’re dedicated enough, you’ll save up so much money that you’ll otherwise need to spend at the Auction House for buying the required materials. 

Luckily, we have an in-depth guide on how to utilize Mining and some farming spots and routes for you. If you have the time, then definitely hop on and do some gathering first, then start leveling up Blacksmithing.

But if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like outdoor farming, then you will have to invest some gold at the Auction House. The ores aren’t going by crazy prices and most of the players can afford a stack or two.

In addition, this WoW Shadowlands Blacksmithing guide will provide exactly which materials and how many of them you’ll need for leveling up Blacksmithing from 1 to 100, so you know precisely how much gold you’ll need to spend.

Live Price of the Item Luminous Flux Shown in the Game.
Umbrahide Helm – Vendor Price on Live Servers

Leveling Up Shadowlands Blacksmithing

Going 1-100 in Blacksmithing is doable in 5-10 minutes if you have all the regents at hand. Head over to the anvil next to the Blackmisthing trainer in Oribos and you can start crafting. Follow our crafting path below to level up fast and easy!

Materials needed for leveling up Blacksmithing 1-100:
  • Leastrite Ore = 278
  • Luminous Flux = 105
  • Shadowghast Ingot = 154 
  • Elethium Ore =  24
  • Shaded Stone = 10
  • Porous Stone = 10
  • Shrouded Cloth = 10
  • Lightless Silk = 10

In the case of the [Shadowghast Ingot], you’ll need to purchase 77 x Solenium Ore, 77 x Sinvyr Ore, 77 x Phaedrum Ore, 77 x Oxxein Ore, and 308 x Luminous Flux. Then, you’ll need to craft it yourself!

Crafting path for leveling up Blacksmithing 1-100:
  • 1-10: Create 10 x [Porous Weightstone] with 10 x Porous Stone and 10 x Shrouded Cloth.
  • 10-16: Create 3 x [Ceremonious Gauntlets] with 24 x Laestrite Ore and 3 x Luminous Flux.
  • 16-18: Create 2 x [Leastrite Skeleton Key] with 4 x Laestrite Ore.
  • 18-20: Create 1 x [Ceremonious Shield] with 9 x Laestrite Ore and 4 x Luminous Flux.
  • 20-26: Create 2 x [Ceremonious Breastplate] with 24 x Laestrite Ore and 4 x Luminous Flux.
  • 26-30: Create 2 x [Ceremonious Axe] with 16 x Laestrite Ore and 6 x Luminous Flux.
  • 30-36: Create 3 x [Ceremonious Greaves] with 36 x Laestrite Ore and 6 x Luminous Flux.
  • 36-40: Create 2 x [Ceremonious Pauldrons] with 16 x Laestrite Ore and 4 x Luminous Flux.
  • 40-45: Create 6 x [Ceremonious Blade] with 25 x Laestrite Ore and 25 x Luminous Flux.
  • 45-50: Create 5 x [Crafter’s Mark I] with 35 x Laestrite Ore and 26 x Luminous Flux.
  • 50-60: Create 77 x [Shadowghast Ingot] with 77 x Solenium Ore, 77 x Sinvyr Ore, 77 x Phaedrum Ore, 77 x Oxxein Ore, and 308 x Luminous Flux. 
  • 60-65: Create 10 x [Shaded Weightstone] with 10 x Shaded Stone and 10 x Lightless Silk.
  • 65-71: Create 3 x [Shadowsteel Waistguard] with 12 x Laestrite Ore, 21 x Shadowghast Ingot, 3 x Elethium Ore and 6 x Luminous Flux.
  • 71-80: Create 7 x [Shadowsteel Gauntlets] with 35 x Laestrite Ore, 49 x Shadowghast Ingots, 7 x Elethium Ore and 14 x Luminous Flux.
  • 80-92: Create 4 x [Shadowsteel Breastplate] with 24 x Laestrite Ore, 48 x Shadowghast Ingot, 8 x Elethium Ore and 12 x Luminous Flux.
  • 92-100: Create 3 x [Shadowsteel Greaves] with 18 x Laestrite Ore, 36 x Shdowghast Ingot, 6 x Elethium Ore and 9 x Luminous Flux.

Shadowlands Blacksmithing Legendary Items

As with the other crafting profession in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the blue and green items from Blacksmithing aren’t worth much. We aren’t sure why Blizzard has decided on this, but it is what it is. 

We highly recommend you to forget the green items once you level up the profession to 100. The same goes for the blue-quality items, but they can still be sold for 200-300 gold apiece. However, their item level is 165, which is succeeded by the mythic 0 dungeons because they drop gear of 187 ilvl.

So, to make the most amount of gold in WoW Shadowlands with Blacksmithing and this guide, you should focus on selling Legendary Items. Each piece of Legendary gear can be crafted into 4 different ranks. Rank 1 is 190ilvl, Rank 2 is 210ilvl, Rank 3 is 225ilvl, and Rank 4 is 235ilvl. Needless to say, you won’t have any problem selling your crafted items from all ranks in a couple of days!

Live Price of the Item Shadowghast Breastplate Shown on the Auction House
Shadowghast Breastplate – Auction House Price on Live Servers

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Plate Chest Legendary Item Piece
  • Shadowghast Breastplate – Rank 1 – Requires 30 x Shadowghast Ingot, 15 x Enchanted Elethium Bar, 30 x Luminous Flux, and 15 x Orboreal Shard
  • Shadowghast Breastplate – Rank 2 – Requires 50 x Shadowghast Ingot, 20 x Enchanted Elethium Bar, 50 x Luminous Flux, and 20 x Orboreal Shard
  • Shadowghast Breastplate – Rank 3 – Requires 80 x Shadowghast Ingot, 30 x Enchanted Elethium Bar, 80 x Luminous Flux, and 30 x Orboreal Shard
  • Shadowghast Breastplate – Rank 4 – Requires 130 x Shadowghast Ingot, 50 x Enchanted Elethium Bar, 130 x Luminous Flux, and 50 x Orboreal Shard


Blacksmithing doesn’t have any upper hand compared to the other professions when it comes to making gold in WoW Shadowlands. This expansion channels all its attention into the Legendary Items and all other aspects of the professions are left behind. That said, Blacksmithing has a sure way of getting you rich through crafting and selling the various Legendaries. So, don’t be afraid to try it out.

If you have any more questions about making gold, professions, or World of Warcraft: Shadowlands in general, then check out our WoW page!  

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