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WoW Alchemy Guide: How to Make Gold with Alchemy in WoW Shadowlands!

by Zaraki Kenpachi

Welcome to our complete guide on making tons of gold in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands with Alchemy! Alchemy is a very fun profession and has tons of useful stuff that you can make and sell. Here we will go in-depth about everything you’re going to need to buff up your profits. And even if gold-farming isn’t your primary concern, we will guide you on how to level up Alchemy in WoW Shadowlands the best way!

Now, generating gold with this profession shouldn’t be hard for anyone, especially a new player in WoW. Your profit will depend on your own personal performance, but on your server’s economy as well. Generally, you’ll want to sell your oils, flasks, and potions at the Auction House for the fastest return of your invested time. However, you can also spam the general chat or your guild’s chat for some pretty good deals.

That said, let’s jump into the complete guide on how to make gold with Alchemy in WoW Shadowlands!

Alchemy in WoW Shadowlands – A complete guide

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Making Gold with our WoW Alchemy Guide

Why is Alchemy Important in World of Warcraft?

Since the dawn of time, Alchemy has provided us with the necessary buffs to complete the game’s content on any higher level of difficulty. As we mentioned above, the flasks and the potions are back in Shadowlands. And they’re absolutely needed for any mythic plus dungeon or Castle Nathria raid.

If you haven’t picked it up before, you’ll find that Alchemy has tons of new recipes in this expansion. There are flasks and potions with varied combat buffs, like an increase in shadow damage, ability range, or just movement speed. These are very interesting additions to your character’s power and can be quite helpful in many situations.

Another thing that was brought back from the past in Shadowlands is the oils. These are consumables that players can use to buff up their damage. As you may know, the gearing in this expansion is much slower than previously, so any additional power we may get is doubled in worth. The oils are quite useful and they can really impact the damage your character can do. They will be sought by both melee classes like Warriors and Paladins and ranged classes like Mage or Warlock. So, it’s a good way to make some profit.

The Alchemy Trainer Found in Oribos, Needed for Making Gold in WoW Shadowlands with Alchemy.
The Alchemy Trainer in Oribos

And lastly, don’t get disheartened by the fact that Alchemy can’t create any Legendary Items. If we take Jewelcrafting, for example, we can see that it provides Legendaries for the necklace and ring slots only, and nothing else. But Alchemy has ways of satisfying every character in the game, regardless of their items or covenants’ choice. So, don’t hesitate to use our WoW Shadowlands Alchemy guide in your own game!

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How to Start with Alchemy in WoW Shadowlands?

Shadowlands WoW Alchemy Guide Trainer Location in Oribos

To start making gold with Alchemy, you first need to learn the profession. So head over to Oribos and find the Alchemy trainer Elixirist Au’pyr. This NPC is located in the Hall of Shapes, in the second part, counting from the left. The exact coordinates are 39.2, 40.4 and you can find him next to the Herbalism trainer, amidst magical flasks and potions.

Elixirist Au’pyr will teach you [Shadowlands Alchemy] and will let you start crafting the Alchemy recipes right away. But before you do that, you’ll also need to check the Alchemy supplies vendor, called Distributor Au’naci. This NPC stands next to the Alchemy trainer, so there is no way of missing it.

Among other things, Distributor Au’naci can sell you [Rune Etched Vial]. This will be the main vial you’ll be using for creating flasks and potions in Shadowlands. So we recommend buying a stack or two right away as well. 

The exact location of the Alchemy trainer in Oribos is shown in this picture:

The Exact Location of the Alchemy Trainer in Oribos Shown on a Map
The Location of the Alchemy Trainer in Oribos (39.2, 40.4)

Guide to Choosing a Class and a Race for Gold-making with Alchemy in WoW Shadowlands

Truth is, Alchemy doesn’t require any specific class or race. Currently, only Goblins provide a bonus skill points in Alchemy, thanks to their [Better Living Through Chemistry] passive trait. Kul Tirans have kind of similar effect with [Jack of All Trades], but it shouldn’t be a deciding factor.  And as far as the class choice is concerned, everything will work great with this profession.

That said, you’ll want to consider the Alchemy materials too. As you may know, the herbs come primarily from the Herbalism profession in Shadowlands. And if you aren’t planning on spending a fortune at the Auction House on raw herbs, then you’re going to need to farm them.

Now, we have an extensive guide on how to farm herbs with Herbalism efficiently in Shadowlands, so we recommend checking it out. And for that, you’ll want a class that is generally very mobile or packed with multiple movement speed buffs. Our personal choice for outdoor farming is a Druid since the [Travel Form] in the Guardian Specialization really makes a difference. However, if you do not wish to farm the herbs yourself, then prepare to invest your gold at the AH.

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Shadowlands Alchemy Materials

The herbs in Shadowlands are divided into zone-specific herbs and general herbs. This means that some could be farmed only in one zone, while another in all zones available. Needless to say, almost all will be needed for the Alchemy recipes we’ll be targeting.


Vendor Reagents:

The Alchemy Vendor Found in Oribos, Needed for Making Gold in WoW Shadowlands with Alchemy
The Alchemy Vendor in Oribos

One more thing that’s new to Alchemy in Shadowlands is the addition of Extracts. With Extracts, you combine multiple herbs to create new transmute reagents. And these will be required in both Alchemy and other professions as well. Here are all the Extracts in Shadowlands!


Leveling Up Shadowlands Alchemy

With this guide we want to provide you a clear path on how to level up Alchemy in WoW Shadowlands. This way you can save up on additional expenses and use your materials on useful items. Leveling up from 1 to 175 in Alchemy can be kind of slow, so here are approximate numbers for you to know how many of each material you’re going to need.

Rune Etched Vial = 140

Death Blossom = 330

Rising Glory = 180

Marrowroot = 110

Vigil’s Torch = 100

Widowbloom = 70

1-175 Leveling Path

Live Price of the Item Rune Etched Vial from the Vendor
Rune Etched Vial – Vendor Price on Live Servers

Shadowlands Alchemy World Quests

An excellent source of Alchemy skill points can be the profession-specific World Quests. This occur randomly in one of the four zones in the Shadowalnds at a time, so make sure to keep an eye on them. They’re usually very simple and reward you with +1 skill in Alchemy, as well as some herbs like Death Blossom. Keep in mind that you can repeat this quests whenever they spawn.

  • Alchemy: Flask of Measured Discipline – in Bastion.
  • Alchemy: Draught of Grotesque Strength – in Maldraxxus.
  • Alchemy: Potion of Hibernal Rest – in Ardenweald.
  • Alchemy: Elixir of Humility – in Revendreth.

Which Recipes to Target for Making Gold in Shadowlands?

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As mentioned earlier, in Shdowlands we categorize the Alchemy recipes primarily into three groups: flasks, potions, and oils. In this guide here we will list examples of which recipes to target for maximising your gold-making with alchemy in WoW Shadowlands.




Additional Recipes and Transmogs

If you’re a type of person that isn’t dedicated solely on gold-making in WoW, then Alchemy can be a source of a few interesting rewards for you.

First off, we have the [Eternal Cauldron] recipe. This is unlocked at 175 Alchemy in Shadowlands and it allows the user to set a cauldron of potions for every group or raid member. It requires 8 x Spectral Flask of Power and 2 x Shadestone, but it’s well worth the trade. 

Live Price of the Item Spectral Flask on Power on the Auction House
Spectral Flask of Power – Auction House Price on Live Servers

Basically, it gives everyone a flask that increases their primary stat. But, everyone can grab up to flasks maximum (one used and one in inventory). This should be an essential component to every raid, so if your character has already a leveled-up Alchemy, know that you can be of a huge help to your guild.

And the other most interesting thing is the [Red Noggin Candle] transmog piece. This is a cosmetic item for your head slot and it’s a lit up candle! The recipe for it can be bought in Revendreth, in the crypts of Halls of Atonement. The item is a reference to the kobold candles, which should be very well known to any WoW veteran!

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In our own experience, Alchemy has been very profitable as a gold-generating tool in WoW Shadowlands. Despite it not being one of the professions that create Legendary Items, the base recipes are far too valuable to not be taken advantage of. Flasks, potions, and oils, are required by anyone, so you can have an easy time selling your stuff on the Auction House.

We hope that this guide on how to make gold in WoW Shadowlands with Alchemy as your go-to profession helped you out! Please know that the informations we provided may be slightly different in your own region or server. However, all of the content is applicable right away and guarantees a success in gold-farming and efficiency! 

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